A Few Words About Us

Surrounding us every minute of every day - from packaging, print, and signage, to photography, interior architecture and web pages - design is an omnipresent aspect of modern life.

Complex and ever changing in form, it synthesizes and transmits information to the public while, at the same time, reflecting society's cultural aspirations and moral values.

We at EastGrad Creative intend to cultivate greater appreciation of this quintessential element of the human experience, by helping organizations distinguish themselves with designs that speak volumes about who they are and what they represent. After all, design is not merely a lesser component to be apathetically overlooked, but a way of life and a source of identity... and it is that identity we help you create.

We are a state of the art design solutions firm providing a host of creative services. Besides being at the cutting edge of innovation in designing, we give our services that special human touch by taking personal interest in our clients' design needs. Each service request is treated as a separate project deserving our full collaborative attention and effort, resulting in design solutions that not only resonate with the client's vision, but also stand out as unique, refreshing and effective. When individuals and organizations need to leave a lasting impression on the public mind, they need people to stop, take a closer look, and be impressed... and that is where our designs come in.

What We Do

We bring our creative ideas, sound design sense and a good grasp on modern socio-cultural outlooks to do innovative work in the following domains:

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Our Work Team

Animesh Ray

With 3 years of experience in print design, a passion for photography, and an ingrained sense of style in subtlety, Animesh is the genius behind the designs that make EastGrad Creative stand out from the crowd.

Ratnendu Ray

With 3 years of experience in editing and proofreading, Ratnendu, as EastGrad Creative's copywriting czar, is the architect of the catchy lines and crisp texts that gel with innovative designs to give them wit and class.

Arindam Ghosal

With a product design course under his belt and over 2 years of experience in artwork and design ideation, Arindam is EastGrad Creative's very own source of original handcrafted designs that fuse the best of art and aesthetics.